Sunday, March 02, 2008

KayKay and Prudence

KayKay and Prudence
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Here's the KayKay kitty with the sum total of the Prudence yarn. I had to snap this picture quickly, too quickly to pose it well. I spun and plied the last of the fleece today, and got another 186 yards. Total is 1418 yards, 35.23 ounces (just over 2 pounds). I could have gotten a bit more consistent, grist was anywhere from 37 to 46 yards per ounce. I'll just use the thicker yarn at the shoulders, and the thinner at the hems.

This was a good weekend, over all. (I'm studiously ignoring the fact that the sinus headache is back...) Yesterday, I got together with a group of knitlisters from the DOS days at this time at Mary G's house. Vic was back in town, it was good to see her. I think I put Mary into shock when I mentioned that my daughter Becky will be 30 this year...

We went to the yarn store Twist, Yarns of Intrigue, and I got a nice tote bag and some yarn. Go figure... Phyllis brought some books and yarn that came home with me too!

Next, I need to spin a bit more tapestry yarn for next weekend. And plan out the Hanami shawl a bit better - at Twist, I picked up a nice skein of tussah singles that will make it go a lot faster.

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