Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Purple Trekking socks

Purple Trekking socks
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I started another project. What can I say, I needed the distraction that a new project always provides. Obviously, I haven't gotten much done on it, but hey. It's PURPLE! wheee!

Shards socks
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The shards socks are progressing slowly, but surely. There was a mandatory "company-wide" meeting this morning that took 3 hours -- thank God I could knit. Lots of progress was made.

Ice Queen
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This is the latest sample for the Ice Queen. sigh - as I look at it, I can see I need to reposition that second side scallop. Oh well, not much to rip. I got lots of compliments on this last week, from people on the plane, and my family. I'll probably get it done just in time for warm weather...

I'm getting the itch to do another Dye Day! The hills are so green- I'm seeing (and collecting!) lots of oxalix pes-caprae (links here, here and here), gathering the flowers and throwing them in the freezer. I also took a drive around campus to find more dyeplants. I spotted some Sage (anthemis californica) and just a bit of dodder (Cuscuta subinclusa, link here

Anyone interested? I'm thinking Saturday, March 8. I want to do the oxalis/indigo recipe posted on the NaturalDyes list, plus pomegranates and walnuts.

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