Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Oaxaca mountain landscape

Oaxaca mountain landscape
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This was way up in the mountains, in the clouds. We were all enchanted with the agaves, and took lots of pictures.

Giant agave!
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Here's the requisite tourist shot in front of the agave. It was cold! You could look up and see the wisps of clouds drift by. It was so neat! and quite novel for this farm girl who moved to Los Angeles.

Giant agave
Originally uploaded by OriginalTwistedSpinster
And here's Stephenie's tourist shot! These agaves weren't that far from the road, but the area was mostly meadow.

On the fiber front, I spun up the rest of the silk/wool for the Hanami shawl. Heaven help me, I'm thinking about combining intarsia and lace. I also started carding for another skein of the Prudence fleece, but I'm too sleepy from sinus meds to try spinning this late.


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