Sunday, February 03, 2008

Madrone tree

Madrone tree
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We collected the bark of the Madrone tree for dye. It gives a nice mahogany brown. I love the dark chocolate brown of the tree itself- they said it grows in California too, but I don't recall seeing it in So Calif. You know I'm going to be looking for it now!

Madrone bark
Originally uploaded by OriginalTwistedSpinster
A close-up of the bark, and a nice color study by itself.

The total yardage on the Prudence skeins was 864 yards. I would have sworn I'd get more yardage! I know that I can get 200 yards out of a two-ply, for two ounces. That's 400 yards of singles, right? I can grok that the 3-ply would be a lot heavier for the same yardage, but I thought I'd get more yardage per skein.

Like it or not, I'll have to spin at least three more bobbins of Prudence fleece. And that's kind of a spoiler. 'nuf whining about that.

I'd already gone on to spinning for another project, too! I got 450 yards spun on the Hanami shawl, and have another 50-yard skein halfway done. I'm doing mini-skeins so I can do a nice color grade. The end that's meant to look like shibori? It makes me think of mountains, so I thought I'd break it into peaks, using the same stitch pattern. And the cherry blossoms? they look like snowflakes.

Stop me before I start designing a cherry tree and thinking about how to do intarsia and lace at the same time...


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