Monday, February 04, 2008

Gathering flowers

Gathering flowers
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This is Eric being goofy... We ran out of time to dye with these. Any botany experts with an idea on nomenclature? I don't remember for sure, but I think Demetrio called these marigolds.

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This is where we stopped for lunch, in the village of Cuajimoloyas. It's way up in the mountains, and the weather was quite cold and as wet as you can get without being rainy. This is right on the highway through the mountains, so this is where the bus stops for meals.

Demetrio and I
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I was quite toasty in my handspun handknits- Demetrio came to hug me to get warm! That's the Rusty Shawl, from when Rusty the red-headed angora goat got a haircut, and the Rocket Gansey that I'm wearing.

The Kitchen
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This is the kitchen -- you just walk in, tell the cook what you want, and she cooks it up and brings it out! It was quite good, and we had a great lunch. Here's a hint, though -- if you're ever unsure about what you want to eat, order quesadillas y un botilla de agua. That's tortillas with melted cheese, and a bottle of water.

Fiber progress- not much. A few rows on the Shards socks, and started to card the last mini-batt for the Hanami shawl. I've got a bit of sinus headache starting, gotta stomp on it so I don't get sick. Stay tuned, the posts will be entertaining for sure!


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