Saturday, February 02, 2008

Spanish moss

Spanish moss
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This is the spanish moss that grows in the area -- it's much finer than what grows in the southern US. It gives a nice yellow brown that turns a spectacular green when overdyed with indigo. To see more detail, click on the photo and click on the Flickr "All sizes" link.

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This is the view from where we got the spanish moss, looking down toward Teotitlan. It was so spectacular -- but we were going even higher!

More landscape
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Another landscape shot - can you see that road snaking up the mountain? Yup, that's where we're headed.

Fiber progress today was pretty impressive, yet rather disheartening. I've plied up all but a small bit of the Prudence singles, and I've got a lot less yardage than I estimated. Like ~900 yards instead of the 1200 I was hoping for. I was ready to be done spinning on that, but I guess not!


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