Sunday, January 06, 2008


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The white yarn at right is what I spun this holiday break (see the spreadsheet below). The brown skeins are from Marcia's estate (sigh... I miss her) and the mini-skeins are from a dye day. If I'd written down the details, I could remember what dye day, and what dyes.

Originally uploaded by OriginalTwistedSpinster

The spreadsheet I started to track my spinning... now I'm realizing that I might want to keep track of all my spinning. The next decision is how much, or maybe how publicly, I want to document all this.

So, leave me a comment. Do you want a lot of mundane details, like "Tonight I knitted 3 rows on the Ice Queen," or not?

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At 7:04 AM , Blogger Marie said...

It's your blog, Ruth! What would you like to do?

At 8:39 AM , Blogger Ruth said...

LOL, Marie!

I lost my mind a long time ago, so I need other people to help me make it up!

Mike and I often say this to each other: "Make up my mind!"


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