Sunday, May 11, 2008

Giggle Giggle Korean BBQ

I'm feeling more centered today- thanks for the input, people. In reading Friday's entry, I realize that I started out thinking I was going to get deep and philosophical, but by the end... Well, my standard joke is that I need to hand out hip boots, with the implication that what's deep is from the barnyard and pretty stinky.

The Roketman wanted to see a boat that's been listed for sale, and recently reduced in price. So, we drove out to Marina del Rey. I don't have pictures, because the owners are still living in the boat, and it just doesn't seem polite... but it was a very nice boat. We're not ready to buy at all- RM wants to have a custom boat built. I'm leaning toward something like this one, but it's a bit too big to be transportable.

After seeing the boat, I asked if we could swing by Little Toyko, to the Kinokuniya bookstore.

Giggle Giggle Korean BBQ
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This is where we had dinner - how can you help loving a place called Giggle Giggle Korean BBQ?

Kinokuniya Bookstore
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This is a shot of the Kinokuniya bookstore.

Pattern Magic!
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Here's my best prize- both volumes of Pattern Magic! Now, the challenge is to translate these to knitting. Suppose I can actually come up with something that I can wear to the library? (giggle)


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