Monday, April 28, 2008

Inspecting the AA wheel

Inspecting the AA wheel
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This is Stephenie, looking at my wheel. Yup - my Alden Amos wheel. It was made in the late 70s or so, and is bobbin-driven.

Here's the story behind the wheel - a woman in Sierra Madre bought it from Alden in the 70s, then sold it to another woman in Claremont. About a year ago, I saw an ad this woman placed to sell it. She'd had other offers, but took mine because I worked in Claremont and she wanted it to go to someone local.

Inspecting the AA wheel
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I didn't expect it to come apart this easy!

I took it up to Stephenie because the flyer is all wrong for the way I spin. I prefer scotch tension, and this one just wants to make heavy yarn, fast and furious!

Alfred models a Tibetan shawl
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Joy brought this garment from Tibet. It's woven on a backstrap loom in two panels. It's got a twill structure- I wish now I'd gotten a closeup of that. The pattern it forms where the black and white stripes meet is interesting-- I bet a more knowledgeable weaver would recognize it. It's modeled by Alfred, whom I met through Sheep Thrills a few years back. Doesn't he look all religious and philosophical and such? Especially with that hat. Don't snicker, it's not nice. I'm not snickering, oh no. Not me. Must be the cat.

The Tibetan shawl
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This is a full view of the shawl - isn't it great? You can kinda sorta see the seam down the middle. It was woven on a backstrap loom, with selvedges on all four sides. (or would that be eight sides, including the two seamed edges?) We never did agree on which dyeplant gave that orange.

The fiber progress? Moderate. I spun several batts of the Stardust this weekend, and am dithering on whether to switch to a woolen prep. (thank you for the inspiration, Steph!)

The RocketGansey-dottir is progressing well, I better start thinking about where the neckline will fall. 2-3 more pattern repeats and I'll be into the next skein.

And I'm progressing well with the cotton on the tahkli. My goal is a couple of punis a day, and I'm well beyond that goal.


At 5:33 PM , Blogger beadlizard said...

Alfred said it was probably madder. What were the other ideas? --Syl

At 9:07 PM , Blogger Ruth said...

Sylvia- it probably wasn't the madder we're familiar with, but a wild mountain relative. The other possibility Steph suggested was a lac relative.


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