Friday, May 09, 2008


I feel like I should post an alert prior to this post -- it is full of introspection and philosophizing! Please - DO post a comment if you think I'm wrong in my conclusions, methodology, or just plain too full of myself.

I've been trying to center myself in the past few days, because I frequently feel stressed and out of sorts.

I'm thinking that what drives me nuts about other people is what I need to work on, in my own life.

Being self-centered. Am I focusing too much on myself, instead of what others need from me? Maybe, but I'm not hearing that from anyone. Note to self: I should ask for a reality check.

Where am I truly needing to improve things? Answer: I need to work on the clutter in the house. AKA- get stuff done.

I ought to start carrying a notebook again. OK, I ought to start writing in the notebook that I do carry, instead of acting like it deserves nothing less than profound statements of something that I'll never figure out, much less achieve.

Lists are good for me - nine times out of ten, when I write stuff down I end up thinking "Is that all?? I thought there was more. Way more than I could ever do. But this, this I can chip away at."

I feel better now. Irony, anyone?


At 5:21 AM , Anonymous Kate said...

Looks like it worked!

At 11:33 AM , Blogger marta said...

oh...can you say "sympatico?" "Out of sorts" is exactly how I've describing myself lately. It's as if I'm in a fog or a constant state of not "mis" direction but "non" direction. I find self contemplation is perfect at those find that missing direction. It is *not* being self centered in the negative sense. Lists are good as long as they prompt productivity. However, I know I can get caught in the pleasure of planning instead of activity; my sit-and-spins.

And, those chores like cleaning up around the house will always be there and it's easy to miss the good stuff because I'm consumed with what I "should" be doing...don't miss the good stuff. It's fine to take time out for yourself to just do what you enjoy, what centers you, or absolutely nothing. I had three days this week with plenty I could have done but spent most of it watching Law & Order; Criminal Intent, feeling out of sorts and just sorting out my feelings about things. Nothing wrong with that.


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