Sunday, April 27, 2008

Combing locks for spinning worsted

Combing locks for spinning worsted
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Here, Steph is showing how to use combs (as opposed to carders) to prepare a worsted yarn. These are combs that Alden makes - these particular combs are one-pitch (one row of tines).

Reducing the flyaways
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No, Steph's not eating the fiber. She's breathing on it, to increase the humidity and reduce the static. That occurs quite often with wool, especially when it's been properly scoured of lanolin. Combing is also good for removing vegetable matter - the hay and weedy stuff that sheep get into.

And combing some more
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Stephenie caused a bit of consternation at this point (no pun intended...) She's combing with the points toward herself. She reassured us all that it was no danger - she's not tugging through any snarls, and has good situational awareness.

Dizzing off a roving
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Here, Steph is drawing off a perfectly aligned roving by pulling the fibers through a diz. (a diz is like a button, with one hole. The size of the hole determines the size of the roving.) That's Sylvia in the background, by the way.

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This is Joy. You really need to read Joy's blog - Road Blog Ahead. She, Lena, and Nyondo are doing humanitarian work in the Indian Himalayas. She's come back to the States for the next two months- and got to take the class. Do read how they're helping the Tibetan refugees... and how you can help. (I wonder if Joy ever figured out who slipped that cash into her purse!)


At 8:59 AM , Blogger sjk said...

Ruth, this is my first visit to your blog! I really enjoyed reading about Stephanie's classes. The pictures are very good. It sounds like you had a great time. Spin on!
Sara in WI (from ST)


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