Monday, December 24, 2007


Mundacities? I looked it up, it is a real word, based on mundane. That sumarizes my life right now, and that's just what I want.

The Roketman and I backed out of driving back to Hays Kansas (where my mom is) and then on to Omaha for Poor Little Dale's 80th birthday party. From the looks of the weather, we made the right choice!! Mom says they have thirteen inches of snow down on the ground, which is really unusual because that part of Kansas is so flat! Snow usually blows on over to the east, where there are hills and trees to catch it.

That cold a couple weeks ago wiped me out-- I went back to work ok, but the stamina just wasn't there. Regretably, I decided that the trip up to the Mendocino International Fungi and Fiber Symposium just wasn't in the cards either. A week later, and I could probably handle it. (sigh)

When you talk to your supervisor at work to try to solve the dilemma, and she talks about how all the other librarians are going to the national conference... you get a pretty strong clue to her preferences for your time.

The Roketman and I are both supposed to be off all week. I say supposed to be-- he's got a couple of really hard deadlines at work so he's getting overtime pay to work Wednesday and Thursday. So Jez from work and I are planning to go to Marukai in Gardena. (long pause to find the URL, with a major distraction to read the current flyer...)

Let's see if I can find my original point in blogging, okay?

I have a few goals for this holiday season. Let's list them here, and try to keep track. You have been warned of the mundacity, but keeping myself real is part of what this blog is (supposed to be) about.

  • Finish theses projects: (see pictures on my Ravelry Projects page if you're a member)
    • Garter Stitch Raglan
    • Poppy Sweater (Elsebeth LaVold pattern)
    • Shards socks

  • Card and spin enough wool to reclaim the dining room
    • Progress so far:
    • Four skeins of thrum-type yarn, with bits from the Oaxaca trip. Carded, spun, abused Judith McKenzie-McCuin style and drying in the back yard
    • Two batts' worth of white Romney, no specified purpose except dyeing. Carded and spun into singles so far.

And in the I-couldn't-help-starting-something file:
  • A pair of socks- yarn is from Phebie's, yarn is "Happy Feet", label says "Spun in Peru for the Plymouth Yarn Co."
  • Need to put that in the Ravelry Project file

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