Saturday, October 27, 2007

Get-together, 10/21/07

Get-together, 10/21/07
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Originally uploaded by OriginalTwistedSpinster

Cecilia and Ercil
Originally uploaded by OriginalTwistedSpinster

I know, I've had these pictures up all week without ANY text to say what's going on. Gimme a break, I'm still catching up at work. And while the hormones aren't putting me in PMS-y anxiety mode anymore, I'm still not as energetic as I'd like.

These are pictures of the people who came over on the Sunday before my surgery. Good Lord, I think I was in a mental coma, thank God my friends like me anyway! Will wonders never cease. (giggling at myself here)

And that goofy pose in the Rocket Gansey? I did have a lot better poses, but wouldn't you know the goofy one shows the best stitch definition. Get a kick out of Susanna's opinion of it... but if you ask her, she's just glad she's not in my armpit.

Fiber report (pictures will have to wait...) The Poppy sweater is down to the armholes (top-down raglan wise), and stalled because now I'm obsessing on the cotton. Funny how procrastination on one project gets me going on another.

I'm finally hand-ginning the cotton because that actually seems faster. Then, I'm hand-rolling some punis. The sampling I did with the punis on the SpinTech went really well, so I rolled up about 7 more. It's only taking me 10 minutes per puni... We'll see how these spin up. They seem to need to rest for a day before spinning.


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