Wednesday, October 03, 2007

We have news, and then NEWS!

Wow, where do I start? Last Friday night, our usual go-out-to-dinner date night, the Roketman sez to me - "umm... you know that system at work we dubbed the Holodeck? they want to send me to Washington DC for a week to demo and keep it running." Well, shoot.

And then he says... "I told them I didn't want to go, because you're waiting for surgery. They really want me to go! So I told them they had to buy you a ticket too. Is that ok?"

Holy wowsers, Batman! Sure!!

But over the weekend, I pretty much figured it was a really sweet thought, but there was no way the company would do that.

And then, on Monday, I got this email:

Looks like you better pack your bags for DC.

I don’t need to be in DC until Saturday. Should I see if we could get a flight from Phoenix?


-----Original Message-----
Subject: Book 'em Dan-O


Bob V would like you to be our Wizard of Oz AND our briefer at (conference name here). He approved purchasing the tickets for your wife to fly to WDC as well.

Nobody knows the Halodeck as well as you, Scottie.

Suggest you book flights ASAP. Arrive on Saturday, 6 Oct. Depart on Thursday, 11 October. Will be sure that you have a room at the same hotel as the rest of the team - Washington Plaza.

Thanks for all your hard work!

(name deleted)

(Ruth again here) omgomgomg!!

And in other news - I have a date for the surgery, Oct. 22! Thank god... I gotta tell you, I've got mood swings, anxiety attacks, hot flashes, all that. I think I'm in hormonal overdrive.

So, am I really able to travel? we'll see... but I think I'll be ok if I take it easy. How could I pass this up??

And I'm on Ravelry. My number finally came up - I was 22, 198. Look for me- I'm twistedspinster. (go figure...)



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