Thursday, October 11, 2007

Travelblog, Thursday

Wow - that seems to be the theme of this trip.

On Monday, my major trip outside the hotel and convention center was to Beadazzled, a bead store that advertises heavily in Ornament magazine and in DC tourist literature. I was rather disappointed -- there was little that was different from most other bead stores I've visited. I did pick up an ankle bracelet for our neighbors who are taking care of the animals, and a few interesting laser-carved wood beads suitable for buttons.

On Tuesday, I went to the Textile Museum. It's small, but worth the trip out to three blocks beyond Dupont Circle. And it's not too far from Beadazzled, but since Monday was Columbus Day, the TM was closed when I went the day before.

I really liked the explanatory interactive exhibit they had set up for spinning, dyeing, and weaving fibers. It could have had a bit more explanation of the terms they were using, like complementary weft, but that's a real quibble.

The only other complaint I have is that I wanted a more complete catalog to bring home! I'm not as interested in the Persian rugs as I am in the other works -- I'd love to have an image of the Lia Cook work "Hidden Digits". (later note: Go see this page) It was all in black and white, but not actually a tapestry weave. It was more like a double weave twill, with the contrast forming a pixel or pointillist effect. The depth of shadowing and detail still haunts me.

I got to meet fiberkat, Katherine, who is a fellow Thriller (as in Sheep Thrills). We toured and re-toured the galleries, and raided the museum store... I splurged and got the Dominique Cardon book on Natural Dyes. It's pricey, but the most comprehensive book I've seen so far. Not only does it have a world-wide listing of dyes, but also gives recipes and cultivation tips.

Yesterday, Wednesday, was rather low-key. The energy level was low, so I answered emails in the morning, and haunted the AUSA hall for freebies in the afternoon and evening. I got enough pencils and pens to equip the library for a year! I got a bit greedy-- but there were other people with multiple tote bags full of stuff!!

Today, we're going to Annapolis for a boat show this weekend. We'll pick up the rental car this morning, go to the Native American Museum, and maybe to the Springwater Fiber Arts store in Alexandria before heading up to Annapolis.

Ah, life is good - I'm exhausted, but grateful. Plus - the weather is cooler today!!


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