Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sinus-induced blathering

I've been told that I'm highly entertaining when I'm under the influence of sinus medicine, so here goes...

There's not much progress on the socks, but I've been flicking the grey fleece I got from Robin Snyder in San Diego County. It's a very very nice fleece, from a sheep named Little Stuff (nickname Stuffy). Stuffy has a bit of fine VM, and really benefits from flicking before running through the drum carder. And... I think that's what's causing the sinus problems. Will I ever learn? That supposes I have a brain.

Anyhoo, I should get quite a bit more done on the socks this coming week - I have a couple of medical tests scheduled. Both are sonograms, I think I mentioned Monday's boobage one and the one on Friday is a pelvic. TMI? I won't tell you how I get to study for it then.

The other news is that I finally started ripping on the Rocket Gansey. I took myself to Phebie's Needlearts, surrounded myself with all the comforting vibes of .... mmm... yarn... and I ripped out the last rocket motif. I think what I'll do is knit that moss stitch another couple inches. There's just no way that the armscye should be 8 inches. Even if it could be.

And I succumbed to a cute knitting bag! Pictures tomorrow...

I need to go to bed now. Oh, I oughta do a thank-you giveaway of some yarn, because y'all were so supportive in my ditherings. Tell you what- let me know if you want the last 8 ounces of the Tempest yarn, and it's yours! If I get 97 gazillion people wanting it (snork, like that'll happen), I'll have to JFG a random number generator.



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