Friday, June 29, 2007

A Sally Field Moment...

You know, I have always liked Sally Field, and I know just where she was coming from with the "They like me!" astonishment.

I just got this email on the Roche Harbor pictures...

I was sent a link to your blog where you have some great pictures of Roche Harbor. I was wondering if I could use one or two on the Roche Harbor website – in particular the one of the new building next to the hotel? Wouldn’t want to put them on without your permission – but it really is a nice picture. The sunset one is nice also. Anyway if you could get back to me – then I can load onto site with a courtesy credit to you. Hope you enjoyed Roche Harbor?


Chris W

I responded in the affirmative, of course, with all due compliments to the gardeners and to that mechanic who was so good, AND so fast!

The pictures are at , but I haven't gotten them all up yet. Stay tuned...



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