Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hey, Mister Tally-Man...

Time to tally up my progress over the holiday break.

And I am determined not to dwell on the things I wanted to get done, and didn't!! Ah, setting impossible goals and feeling bad that I didn't meet them is a habit of mine. If I have a resolution for the New Year, it should be to keep setting wonderful goals, but instead of regretting that I haven't reached them, to rest and tackle them again.

To it, then.

Finish theses projects: (see pictures on my Ravelry Projects page if you're a member)

  • Garter Stitch Raglan -- not much progress, if any. I did tear out the middle section of the back, in order to reknit to a smaller size.
  • Poppy Sweater (Elsebeth LaVold pattern) -- Progress: I got the body done, and the hem bound off. Tried it on, and like the fit. It's a big sweater! but (sigh) it fits me. Got pictures up on Ravelry.
  • Shards socks -- little progress. I did get the first sock done up to the point of starting the heel.
  • Something I hadn't listed was the Koolhaas hat. I started it as travel knitting for the Oaxaca trip, and quickly decided I really don't like twisted traveling stitches. That first pattern row was a real booger. I didn't pick it up again until faced with the prospect of going to the Midwest on a road trip. I'm not happy with the decreases I've done-- need to re- re- rip and do over.

Card and spin enough wool to reclaim the dining room. Right. I'll need another month of holiday break to do that. BUT!

  • Carded and spun four skeins of red thrummed yarn from Oaxaca dye sessions.
  • Carded enough for four skeins of yellow yarn, from Oaxaca workshop.
  • Final tally on the white Romney: five bobbins of singles.
  • Logwood-dyed Romney, dyed last spring. I should have dyed it as spun yarn, but wanted to do a gradation. Problem was that the sawdust was extremely hard to get rinsed out. So, I rinsed out 3 skeins' worth and got it re-carded. Finished: washing, carding and spinning 2 full skeins.

And the newly started pair of socks? Got past the heel on both socks.

OK, so what do I work on now? Good question. I'm going to upload more Oaxaca pictures, and try to get all caught up on that. That's a definite.

(coming back to add)
I also dyed bit of mohair - from the STASH! I got this cone of Henry's Attic laceweight from the Dizzy Ewe a couple years ago. I wound off about 250 yards, and dyed it in periwinkle (which isn't as purply as it sounds). It's earmarked for the Ice Queen from Knitty, but not until I actually finish something else.

I'm doing better on the gotta buy gotta buy mentality. We went up to Morrow Bay on Sunday, came back on Monday, and I DIDN'T BUY ANY YARN!! (fanning myself)


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