Thursday, September 20, 2007

What would you knit if ?

If you had a whole week to sit and knit, without obligation to do anything else, what would you knit?

Ok, I'm using that Midwest colloquial "you" -- as in "me." But I'd be happy to take suggestions!

Turns out that 10cm cyst has to come out, but not for a month. Gotta love medical bureaucracy- it always takes a week or two to do whatever the next step is, and there's a LOT of next steps. This next step will take a month - waiting my turn for outpatient surgery.

They're telling me there's little chance that it will be cancerous, and I'm sure they'd be doing the surgery in the hospital if there was more of a chance.

Anyway, I'll be off work for a week. With a month to prepare - wheee!!

I'm gonna get ***so much knitting done!!*** (yeah. I know- you've heard this one before. Let me have my fun, will you?)

So, to recuperate from all the stress of anticipating this doctor's appointment, I went yarn shopping. Actually, I went to the bookstore and picked up some knitting magazines first, because the knitting store wasn't open yet. And it was the quilt store, that has nice yarn too.

hmmm. I'm sensing a bit of -- what? Lack of focus, for sure. And lack of precision, which could be related.

Anyhoo, I'm talking about the Cozy Cottage in Brea, California. Nice store! And they were having a sale, oh my. Of the "buy 4, get one free" variety. And "spend $40, get a set of scissors free too!" What's a girl to do?? So I bought four balls of some wool/polyester that's heavenly soft (will edit later to add the name), and another ball of Trekking XXX. Purple- what joy! And a couple of fat quarters, because I have some sashiko that I'd like to try.

I wonder how many socks I could knit in a week? Surely more than the pathetic ONE pair I did for the Summer O' Socks, geesh. Nothing like anxiety to take away the urge to be productive. Or to be productive, but on whatever I WANT to knit. Which is never what I "ought" to knit.

(giggle) Enough introspection - time to get productive!


At 3:25 PM , Blogger Erin said...

Well of course it has to come out. But you are definitely in a good place these days if you're viewing it as an opportunity for a knitting binge!

At 6:41 AM , Blogger Marie said... pain killers, then lace would be what I want to knit. If taking pain killers, some no-brainer knitting. Hope all goes well.

At 9:39 AM , Blogger fiberfanatic said...

some fun, no brain project. How about the hat with the LED strands? Something that makes you smile.


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