Sunday, March 11, 2007

Almost there...

Bjo and I are killing time in the Mexico City airport. This time around, we seem (knocking on wood here) to be doing ok. The original plan was to go to some ruins not too far from the city, but we got talked out of that. As in, what if we got into a traffic jam because it's Sunday and the day all the locals go, and then missed our connection?

And then, Plan B was to find a cab and go to the National Museum. But I gotta tell you, I wasn't sad when Bjo asked if it was ok to just sit in the airport. I'm exhausted!!

It's been a great trip, though. Interesting sights, sounds, foods - you'll get to see pictures!

Last night was our last night, so we had a nice dinner at the hotel. I ordered chicken tostadas, and they were just the tiniest cutest things! Chip, our local host, ordered steak tartare... he's a brave man, and not afraid of the food at all. It was a big production - the kind where they bring out a platter, mix in all sorts of stuff like raw egg (!), capers, olive oil, mustard, and a whole lotta other stuff I don't remember. Then, you pile it on toast points. I said it reminded me of deviled ham, and he agreed. I didn't taste it, though.

Our dessert was a flaming drink called Café Paraiso, and that was a big production too. There was a sugar-rimmed glass cup, which was flamed and carmelized. Then the amaretto was warmed and flamed. Then the coffee was added, then Kahlua. And flamed again. He tossed on some cinnamon, and it made sparks in the flames. Next was the whipped cream (from a spray can) and finally the white tequila - in a flaming pillar two feet high!! Wow...

After dinner, we went to the Café Revolución to see Chip's art installations. I was good and had a Sprite... really.

We had to get up at 4:30 to get showered etc to leave at 5:30 to get to the Tuxtla Guttierrez International Airport. By the way, Tuxtla Guttierez translates to Rabbit Hutch, according to Chip. Whatever you say, Chip...

I know this travelogue is going to be wayyyy out of order, but hey. I've got it written down out of order too... as in "brief notes" and "more details on Tuesday morning".

I've learned how they make that gorgeous turquoise dye, and it is Saxon Blue. As in, indigo dissolved in sulfuric acid. Yikes...

Gotta run, Bjo's done and I don't want her to overdo and get overtired...



At 5:32 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

hope you have a smooth trip home!!! Can't wait to see your photos!



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