Tuesday, March 06, 2007

If this is Tuesday....

Well, let´s see... for one thing, when they tell you there are cyber cafes all over, they´re right. They don´t tell you that the keyboards are for spanish, and that there are strange keys in places you´re not used to. And that the connecting times are rather slow. And that you better be aware of what those error messages are in English, because the spatial similarity is the only thing that´s going to help you get what you did wrong.

Oh, and the connecting speed is going to go waaayyy down after everyone gets home from school, at 2 or three.

So, I´m trying again to upload some pictures. Flickr is telling me the one I tried to upload yesterday is 0k, but I can see it there, dammit.

Am I tired and cranky? a bit. I´m doing this before lunch, and we´ve been very busy. And it was cold last night, and we didn´t fire up the little portable heater in the room. Tonight, you bet we will!

This morning, it was back to Maddalena´s house for more dyeing, and this afternoon we go back to Chip Morris´ house to do some more backstrap weaving. Those poor ladies, coping with la gringas locas!

Well, I need to go eat, and flickr isn´t liking this arrangement, so I´m signing off for now. This is a great trip ... don´t mind my crankiness!! If I could post pictures, you´d see much clowning around with Bjo... be sure to look for Ruth and her machete going after Bjo after a smart aleck comment.


At 6:41 AM , Blogger Jennifer said...

Hey Ruth, I don't know that you saw my message for you on SheepThrills, so I'll repost it here for you. I know you're a fan of cotton, so I thought of you when I came across this website:

You may want to look for this coyuche or see if you can beg seeds...it's G. mexicanum rather than the typical G. hirsutum :)

You're in the right area to find it, I believe!

I hope you guys are having a great time and learning a ton!!

Have you seen any spindles for sale?


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