Thursday, May 30, 2002

I have to giggle at myself... I did finish the buckwheat pillow last night, but it's cockamammy. I had it all sewn up, 9/10 of the hulls stuffed in, and *then* discovered I had sewn the end pieces wrong. The end pieces were 4"x9", and I had rotated one ninety degrees. By that time, I was tired and just declared it a DESIGN ELEMENT, dammit. Funny thing tho- it felt ok to sleep on. Like the rotation of one corner made the pillow more moveable- I tend to scrunch my head around.

The jacaranda leaves are steaming on the stove... I took an empty soda can, wrapped it with aluminum foil. Maybe it will act like an alum mordant, and I was a little afraid the paint on the soda can might get onto the fabric.

I took a length of cotton muslin, laid the jacaranda blossoms and some pomegranate blossoms on it, folded the fabric over, wrapped the fabric around the can, then tied with a strip of cotton.

Then, I put it into a stainless steel saucepan, with a copper potscrubber in the bottom. Hey, couldn't hurt, and it holds the can up out of the water. So far, it's been steaming 30 minutes and I don't see any color seeping through. hmmm. Stay tuned.


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