Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Found it! The title is "Ethical and Ecological Dyes: a Work Book for the Natural Dyer" by Karen Diadick Casselman. I don't see an ISBN, but it says you can order it by email to exrcaf@yahoo.com, or write to Studio Vista Publications, 2018 New Cheverie Road, Cheverie, Nova Scotia, Canada. My copy was $18 at CC2002.

It's a scholarly treatise, but still a good read. Karen is generous with her praise and citations to other sources, many new to me. Don't let the self-published format fool you. It's definitely not a picture book- if so, it would probably be 200 pages instead of 59. It's a *technique* book, what to use and how to use it SAFELY; and I found information on lots of techniques previously unfamiliar to me. (and I took my first dye class in 1983!)


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